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  • AHSCE evolves into Africa-Europe Cluster of Research Excellence on Creative Economies
    The work of the AHSCE project is closing in the coming weeks, with a final report being published soon. However, the legacy and work of the past 15 months can continue as ARUA (The African Research Universities Alliance) and The Guild (The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities) launched today three new Africa-Europe Clusters of Research … Read more
  • AHSCE KH meets Bayo Omoboriowo (LAGOS, NIGERIA)
    Bayo Omoboriowo is an award-winning Nigerian photojournalist and documentary photographer. He was, until recently, Chief Official Photographer to the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, a position he has held since May 2015. He recently graduated with an MA in Arts and Cultural Management at the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King. Bayo’s … Read more
  • AHSCE KH meets Dr Tosin Tume (Lagos, Nigeria)
    Tosin Jobi-Tume is a Nigerian playwright, director, choreographer, actor, dancer, singer, and a theatre scholar with experience spanning fifteen years. She is presently on a PhD programme at the Performing Arts department of University of Ilorin, Nigeria, while she teaches in the Theatre and Media Arts Department of Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. Her … Read more
  • AHSCE KH meets Bolanle Austen-Peters, Terra Kulture (Lagos, Nigeria)
    Mrs Bolanle Austen-Peters is a Nigerian movie director, theatre producer and cultural entrepreneur. She is the founder and artistic director of BAP Productions and the arts and culture centre Terra Kulture in Lagos. She has been named one of the most influential women in Africa by Forbes Afrique and has been recognised with several awards … Read more
  • Mapping Film Festivals in South Africa: the Impact of Covid-19
    Researchers at Rhodes University, Fiona Drummond, Delon Tarentaal and Jen Snowball have today published a report on  “Mapping Film Festivals in South Africa: the impact of COVID-19” as part of the Creative Voucher Scheme supported by AHSCE South Africa Hub. The project aims to support knowledge development in the creative economies and fostering collaborations between academic … Read more
  • Report published: Future Festivals South Africa: Lessons From The Age of COVID-19
    The Future Festivals South Africa final policy report was launched on 9 March as part of Africa Week at King’s College London. The report offers an overview of the 18-month research project funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) grant. The project, a collaboration between King’s College London, Rhodes University and seven festival … Read more
  • Introducing: Tshuma Mo!
    By Vuyo Madyibi “Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.” Lailah Gifty Akita. These sentiments were echoed in the Tshuma Mo! meeting, where Nokwanda Shabangu, digital content editor, profusely declared her admiration for her mentor in their project, Zanele Mthembu. Mthembu has over 20 years of experience in the film and television industry. … Read more
  • Introducing: Kliptown Beehive
    By Vuyo Madyibi “Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela This quote encapsulates the aims and goals of the Kliptown Beehive team. Neo Monyamane, a filmmaker,  opened the meeting addressing their aim to train the interested community of Kliptown in the art of filmmaking. Their training … Read more
    By Waithira Kibuchi When the ban on single-use plastic carrier bags in Kenya came into effect in 2017, the move met uproar and disbelief from both manufacturers and consumers. The former lamented the loss of income and jobs, while the latter regretted the loss of convenience. These carrier bags were cheap and easily accessible, but … Read more
    By Waithira Kibuchi Textiles are an indispensable part of human life. We use them to dress our bodies and our environments and have become so accustomed to their presence that we often take them for granted. If you are reading this now, you are most likely wearing clothing, and are in a room with upholstered … Read more
    By Waithira Kibuchi vazi/vazi/(Swahili)garment, item of clothingalso: nguo, kisua A popular and widespread stereotype in romantic relationships has it that girls never buy their hoodies – they prefer to ‘steal’ those that belong to their boyfriends. The affectionate gesture enables the couple to maintain an emotional connection even when not around each other. Another factor, however, is … Read more
  • Mapping Film Festivals in South Africa: the impact of COVID-19
    AHSCE South Africa commissioned the research project “Mapping Film Festivals in South Africa: the impact of COVID-19” as part of their support to knowledge development in the creative economies and fostering collaborations between academic researchers and practitioners. The project builds on the extensive expertise of Rhodes University researchers Fiona Drummond, Delon Tarentaal and Jen Snowball. In the past two years, … Read more
  • UPDATE: Fill the Blood Bank
    PLANNING UNDERWAY FOR PROJECT “FILL THE BLOOD BANK” IN THE SAMARU COMMUNITY OF ZARIA, KADUNA STATE IN NIGERIA By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe The collaboration in between Ayodele Obatomi, Franklin Zaure and Babatunde Ojobaro has been going on seamlessly. Ayodele, the Lead Collaborator, says he has been enjoying the working relationship between the three of them. … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: Young Nigerian Thespian
    CATCH THEM YOUNG! MS. PATIENCE BITRUS AND OMO’BA JERRY ADESEWO TEAM UP FOR “YOUNG NIGERIAN THESPIAN” IN ABUJA By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe A lot of young secondary school students in Nigeria are at a loss of what career or profession to pursue and those who have an idea of what they want to become will … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: Voice It!
    OMO’BA JERRY ADESEWO, MAKINDE ADENIRAN AND OLA AWAAKAN EMBARK ON VOICE IT! AN ARTVIVISM INCUBATION PROGRAMME. By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe What is the use of the Arts, if it cannot be incubated and reproduced in the younger generation? A theatre performance is transient – that is the very nature of the Art- the more reason … Read more
  • MEET THE NAIROBI HUB VOUCHER SCHEME RECIPIENTS: Enhancing Innovative Entrepreneurship Among the Youth
    By Waithira Kibuchi The Kenyan economy, whose GDP accounts for 40% of the East African Community’s GDP, is often touted as an anchor in the region. This may be linked to factors such as the country’s relative political stability and a market-based economy. The country is renowned as a technological and financial hub and it … Read more
    By Waithira Kibuchi Many African customs are a hybrid mix of western and indigenous traditions that are so ingrained, their origins are no longer examined but accepted as just the way things are done. Marriage ceremonies in Kenya are a quintessential example of such customs. These ceremonies  blend the indigenous dowry ceremony with wedding rites … Read more
  • Knowledge Hub: Interview with Uche Onah
    Uche Onah, a professional dancer and choreographer in Lagos, Nigeria sits with the CPC, Dr. Folakemi Ogungbe and shares out of his thirty seven years cognate experience in the Nigerian theatre space. By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe Uche Onah has been in the Theatre industry of Nigeria for thirty seven years. Uche, who began his career … Read more
  • Knowledge Hub: Interview with Dr Tosin Tume
    Dr. Tosin Tume, Nigerian female playwright and academic, shares her professional experiences with us. Please enjoy! By Dr Folakenmi Ogungbe Folakemi Ogungbe of the AHSCE Lagos Hub meets with Dr. Tosin Tume, a female playwright and academic to talk about her experiences functioning in the Nigerian creative space. Tosin, who is a self-publishing and self-funded … Read more
  • Knowledge Hub: Interview with Dr Patrick-Jude Oteh
    Patrick-Jude Oteh builds his Jos Repertory Theatre from nothing. The theatre company is now one of the most successful and sustainable theatre companies in Northern Nigeria. By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe Dr. Patrick-Jude Oteh, the founder and Creative Director of Jos Repertory Theatre explains he entered the theatre profession by accident as he was planning to … Read more
    Previously known as the pan-African Film Festival of South Africa (PANAFFSA)  By Vuyo Madyibi  FFASA is a research project that assesses the need for a film festival association in South Africa. New research developments made by the collaborators prompted the change of the project’s title from “Towards the establishment of the Pan-African Film Festival of … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: “Girls in Gaming”
    “GIRLS IN GAMING” – EMPOWERING YOUNG PEOPLE OF THE EASTERN CAPE By Vuyo Madyibi Girls in Gaming is one of the beneficiaries of the voucher scheme award on behalf of the AHSCE South Africa. In the first inception meeting, a gamut of topics were addressed as the team prepared to execute their proposal. Xolile Vundla … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: “Ekasi Documentary Film Screenings”
    “EKASI DOCUMENTARY FILM SCREENINGS” – REVIVING THE CULTURE OF THE ‘BIOSCOPE’ AT THE SOWETO BOOK CAFE. By Vuyo Madyibi “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso. The Ekasi Documentary Film Screenings came together at the first inception meeting to discuss the ease … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: “Rural Film Art Screenings”
    “RURAL FILM ART SCREENINGS” – CREATING ALTERNATIVE SCREENING PLATFORMS IN THE RURAL COMMUNITIES OF THE EASTERN CAPE By Vuyo Madyibi Khanyisile Zondi and Sivuyisiwe Giba attended their first inception meeting with optimism and a distinct plan of action for their Rural Film Art Screening endeavour. Khanyisile Zondi, a documentary filmmaker and PR and marketing professional, … Read more
    By Waithira Kibuchi What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘Luo’? Many people think of flamboyance and elegance, and popular urban myth designates ‘Luo’ not as a community, but as a lifestyle. The Luo are a Nilotic-speaking people who make up the fourth largest ethnic group in Kenya. They are also renowned … Read more
    By Waithira Kibuchi How much of your life do you spend thinking about clothes? A tiny fraction, if you are like most people. You may strive to dress appropriately for different contexts in your day-to-day life, but probably never think about how your clothes got made and found their way to your wardrobe. Clothing production … Read more
    UNDAMETA, A MARKETPLACE FOR AFRICAN-INSPIRED SURFACE PATTERN DESIGN By Waithira Kibuchi Ever wonder where the prints and patterns on your clothing came from? Dr Odundo certainly spent many hours as a child observing the prints worn by people around her during Sunday service. She and Teresa Lubano are collaborating on UndaMeta, which was selected for … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: Project TEA – The Enterprise of Acting
    By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe ISRAEL WEKPE AND ISRAEL EBOH COLLABORATE ON PROJECT TEA: ENTERPRISE OF ACTING Project TEA: The Enterprise of Acting is as rich and diverse as “tea” in the Nigerian parlance. In Nigerian street culture, coffee, tea and cocoa beverages are all other similar products are considered as tea, as long as you … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: “Fill the Blood Bank”
    By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe Give! Save! Live! This is the theme for Project Fill the Blood Bank 2022. Ayodele Obatomi and Franklin Zaure, both of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, are collaborating with Babatunde Ojobaro, a theatre producer at Ibadan to roll out a campaign for blood donation in the Samaru area of Kaduna State. … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: The Blind Minstrel
    By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe DR CHUKWUMA OKOYE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN COLLABORATES WITH TWO OF HIS FORMER STUDENTS ON “THE BLIND MINSTREL” PROJECT FOR THE AHSCE, LAGOS HUB Dr. Chukwuma Okoye’s face glows with warmth as he grants the interview on “The Blind Minstrel” project. The reason for the warm glow is not far-fetched: … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: Theatre for Development
    By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe AWELE DEKPE’S THEATRE FOR DEVELOPMENT: ENGAGING THE CHILDREN AND YOUTH OF EGBEDA IN THE ARTS OF THE THEATRE TO MIRROR SEUN AWOBANJO’S FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID This AHSCE, Lagos Hub project: Theatre for Development: Engaging the children and youths of Egbeda in the Arts of the Theatre is the brain child of … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: Art for Life
    By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe “ART FOR LIFE” PROJECT KICKS OFF IN LAGOS WITH JOSHUA ALABI OF KININSO KONCEPTS AND SEGUN ADEFILA OF CROWN TROUPE AFRICA Joshua Alabi, of Kininso Koncepts is the lead collaborator on this project. He is collaborating with Segun Adefila of Crown Troupe of Africa. “Art for life” is seeking ways of … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: Food for all, zero hunger
    “Going To Bed Hungry Is Not Palatable!” Emmanuel Orisunmibare And Monsuru Olajide echo during the first interview for the AHSCE Lagos voucher scheme project meeting By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe Emmanuel Orisunmibare and Monsuru Olajide both explain that they have gone to bed hungry in the past and it was not a palatable situation. This sad … Read more
  • INTRODUCING: Awareness of the Inheritance of the Girlchild in Igboland
    Awareness of the Inheritance of the Girlchild in Igboland By Dr Folakemi Ogungbe The AHSCE (African Hub For Sustainable Creative Economies) Lagos Hub Voucher scheme presents a series of exciting projects. On the 4th of October, 2022, the CPC for Lagos, Dr. Folakemi Ogungbe, led a series of interesting chats with the collaborators on “the … Read more
  • Intertwined: Fashion, Textile and Heritage in Nigeria exhibition
    The ‘Intertwined: Fashion, Textile and Heritage in Nigeria’ photography exhibition, was held in King’s College London early in 2022 ( 8 February 2022 to 11 March 2022). The exhibition explored the ancient textile traditions and contemporary creative expression of craftspeople and fashion designers from across Nigeria. Braiding contemporary personal stories, cultural celebrations and global economic … Read more
  • Understanding and supporting Creative Economies in Africa Report
    This report (download it for free by clicking on the image) is the result of a previous stage of funded activities as part of an AHRC-funded research network. The report provides a summary of the research journey undertaken, including the methodology and data collected across the three cities involved in the network activities: Nairobi, Lagos … Read more