Creative Economies Africa


Creative Economies: Cultures, Innovation and Sustainability

Building on the research and networks developed through the AHSCE project, with the support of African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) and The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities (The Guild) we launched on the 14th of November 2023, the new Cluster of Research Excellence (CoRE) “Creative Economies: Cultures, Innovation and Sustainability”. The CoRE aspires to become an international point of reference for research on creative economies. It builds on the acknowledgement that research on creative economies has so far been narrowly focused on the Global North and has not placed enough value on cultures, heritage, innovations and ideas from the Global South. The Cluster rebalances this perspective by supporting research collaborations across European and African universities, addressing shared research challenges that aim to support the development of more equitable, innovative and sustainable creative economies. The project acknowledges that recognising the value of all cultures and creative expression is the foundation of both economic and social development as well as international cooperation. Creative economies are not only essential to the innovation, technology and economic development of many cities and regions but are also cornerstones of sustainable development, community engagement and dialogue across cultures and generations.