The Project

Welcome to the African Hub for Sustainable Creative Economies and our knowledge hub. The hub aims to become a point of reference to support creative entrepreneurship in Africa and raise the profile of African academic work and collaborations engaging with sustainable creative economies development in Africa. It seeks to achieve this by empowering African Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to interact with their creative economy stakeholders and entrepreneurs (including graduates, creative entrepreneurs, creative intermediaries and policymakers).

The project builds on the recognition that while HEIs in Africa play a crucial role as intermediaries in the continent’s creative economies and their development, very little support has been given to strengthen their role in developing knowledge, networks and expertise in this area. The project proposes that reinforcing the capacity of HEIs to interact with key stakeholders and entrepreneurs could have a positive and sustainable impact on the individuals, communities and sectors involved. This will also support a more innovative and diverse workforce by offering access to practical knowledge and supporting collaborative opportunities.  Watch the brief video below to find out more and bookmark our blog to keep up to date.