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Creative Women in Lagos: a research-led documentary premieres in London

Creative Women in Lagos: a research-led documentary premieres in London

Get ready for the launch of “Creative Women in Lagos”! This research-led film explores the dynamic world of women entrepreneurs shaping the creative landscape of Lagos, Nigeria. The documentary not only tells compelling stories but also contributes to academic exploration. It is a testament to the significance of women’s creativity and entrepreneurship as a subject worthy of study and understanding. 

📅 Save the Date: Mark your calendars as we gear up for the unveiling of “Creative Women in Lagos” in London (8th March) and Lagos (27th March). See events posters here below.

🌠 What to Expect: “Creative Women in Lagos” is a collaborative research and impact project that unveils the untold stories of dynamic women who have played pivotal roles in shaping the artistic landscape of Lagos, Nigeria. From the bustling streets to the heart of creative spaces, this film is a celebration of resilience, innovation, and the power of women in the arts. 

🎉 Trailer Preview: You get an exclusive preview of the trailer, skillfully produced by George Jennings. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into “Creative Women in Lagos”. 

Creative Women in Lagos: Trailer

🌐 Research-Led Production: Produced by Dr Lauren England, Dr Eka Ikpe, and Professor Roberta Comunian, this documentary is a result of collaborative, interdisciplinary research, and a passion for showcasing the cultural richness of Lagos. It goes beyond the surface to provide an understanding of the forces that can both drive and inhibit creativity in this vibrant city, highlighting women’s experiences. 

🤝 Collaborative Partnerships: In collaboration with esteemed partners such as Ituen Basi, Terra Kulture, Tribe XX Lab, and Wy Art Foundation, and support from the renowned Nike Art Centre, “Creative Women in Lagos” brings together the collective efforts of visionaries and institutions dedicated to nurturing and promoting creativity in Lagos.  

🎓 Academic Support: The film was funded by an Arts & Humanities research Council (AHRC) Impact Acceleration Award and King’s College London, with additional support from the CoRE Creative Economies, African Leadership Centre at King’s, and the University of Lagos.  

👩‍🎨 Inspirational Voices: Featuring interviews with trailblazers like Bolanle Austen Peters, Ituen Bassey, Emalohi Iruobe, Peju Layiwola, Nike Davies-Okundaye, and The Lagos Creative Women Entrepreneurs Network, “Creative Women in Lagos” amplifies the voices of those who have left an indelible mark on the city’s creative landscape. 

🎥 Behind the Scenes: Go behind the lens with Cristina Cabral and Babatunde “Director Kay” Kolawole, the creative minds who bring these stories to life. The documentary was edited by Cristina Cabral, with audio post-production by Christos Moralis.

🎶 Original Music: The soundtrack features original music composed for the project by Adetoro “Dracomanfire” Adewale. It also features music performed by students from Mountain Top University, Nigeria, led by Dr Florence E. Nweke and produced by Mr Clement.  

📺 The full documentary will be released online Release Date: 1st April 2024