Creative Economies Africa


Academic members of the CoRE on Creative Economies have been involved in the publication of the following reports. These reports can all be downloaded for free by following the relevant links.

Authors: Roberta Comunian, Lauren England, Brian J. Hracs, Avril Joffe , Waithira Kibuchi , Vuyolwethu Madyibi , Ogake Mosomi, Folakemi Ogungbe , Duro Oni , Cornelius Onyekaba

Citation: Comunian, R., England, L., Hracs, B. J., Joffe , A., Kibuchi , W., Madyibi , V., Mosomi, O., Ogungbe , F., Oni , D., & Onyekaba , C. (2023). African Hub for Sustainable Creative Economies: collaborative activities and shared learning. An Impact Report. King’s College London.

Authors: Roberta Comunian, F Drummond , Jonathan Gross, J Snowball, D Tarentaal

Citation: Comunian, R., Drummond , F., Gross, J., Snowball, J., & Tarentaal, D. (2023). Future Festivals South Africa: Lessons from the Age of Covid-19, A policy report. King’s College London.

Comunian, R., Hracs, B. J., & England, L. (2021). Understanding and Supporting Creative Economies in Africa: Education, Networks and Policy: A policy report. King’s College, London.